Where you can buy Antipreg Kit?

Buy Antipreg Kit Mifepristone 200mg Misoprostol 800mcg


Antipreg Kit is a mix of two medications used in medically inducing an abortion (terminating a pregnancy). This medication inhibits the activity of progesterone, a female hormone necessary to sustain pregnancy and generate contractions in the uterus, both of which contribute to the process of obtaining an abortion.

Antipreg Kit should be taken either with meals or as directed by your physician, whichever comes first. It would help if you began with a dosage of Mifepristone. Oral administration is recommended, and patients should drink the pills whole with a full glass of water. You should see your physician or take another medicine if you suffer vomiting within the first half an hour after taking a tablet. It is possible that the drug will not start working for 24 to 48 hours, during which time you may suffer spotting or bleeding.

After a period ranging from 36 to 48 hours, you will be required to take a pill of Misoprostol either orally or vaginally. After taking this dosage, you should get plenty of rest since it might potentially induce severe stomach discomfort or vaginal bleeding, both of which could lead to an abortion if left untreated.

Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and cramping in the stomach are the adverse effects of this medication that occur the most often. Notify your primary care physician if any of these symptoms cause you discomfort or seem significant. There could be strategies for lowering or avoiding them altogether. If you have severe vaginal bleeding or stomach discomfort due to any of the adverse effects, you should contact your doctor as soon as possible.

Inform your healthcare provider if you have previously had an ectopic pregnancy, are currently nursing, or use an intrauterine device before beginning treatment with this medication. In addition, make sure that your primary care physician is aware of any and all other medications you are currently taking since many of them might reduce the effectiveness of this medication or alter how it functions. During the abortion process, you should refrain from physically taxing activities like intense exercise, jogging, and driving since these things might influence blood flow. To determine whether or not the abortion was successful, your physician may use an ultrasound or do a pelvic exam.


The abortion pill can be accessed in many states (depending on state law) by visiting your ob/gyn or gynecologist for a prescription. If a woman doesn’t have a regular gynecological provider, she should find the nearest Planned Parenthood for advice.

You can also access the abortion pill from an online pharmacy.


Abortion via medical means BENEFITS OF ANTIPREG KIT

Antipreg Kit is used in the early stages of a pregnancy in the context of medical abortion to terminate the pregnancy. It may be used until the tenth week of pregnancy (up to 70 days after the first day of your last menstrual period). This medication can effectively suppress the natural female hormone known as progesterone, which is essential for the continuation of your pregnancy. Please be sure you only use it as the doctor recommends.


Most adverse effects may be managed without medical intervention and will go away as your body becomes used to the medication. If they continue or if you are concerned about them, you should make an appointment with your primary care physician.

The typical adverse effects of antipreg:

  • Nausea;
  • Vomiting;
  • Diarrhea;
  • Cramps in the stomach;
  • Uterine contractions;
  • Menorrhagia (heavy menstrual bleeding).


Take this medication at the prescribed dosage and for the specified amount of time as directed by your doctor. Before using, be sure to check the label. Antipreg Kit should be taken in conjunction with a meal.


Mifepristone and Misoprostol are the two drugs included in the Antipreg Kit. Together, they are responsible for abortion being performed. Mifepristone is an anti-abortion medication that works by inhibiting the actions of progesterone, a naturally occurring female hormone that is essential to the continuation of the pregnancy. In the absence of this hormone, the lining of the uterus (womb) begins to degrade in the same way as it does during a menstrual period, which halts the development of the pregnancy. The drug Misoprostol causes an abortion by increasing the contractions of the uterus.


Alcohol – UNSAFE

Consuming alcohol while using Antipreg Kit might put your health at risk.

Pregnancy – UNSAFE

Antipreg Kit should not be used during pregnancy since it poses a significant risk. Consult your physician for guidance since studies have been done on pregnant women and animals that demonstrate substantial adverse effects on the growing fetus.

Breastfeeding – UNSAFE

Antipreg Kit should not be used during nursing since it may cause serious side effects. Based on the data, it seems that the medication could make the infant sick.

Driving while under the influence of UNSAFE

Antipreg Kit may cause you to feel tired and dizzy, reduce your awareness, or impair your eyesight. If you have any of these symptoms, you should not drive.


There is a lack of data available on the administration of Antipreg Kit to individuals suffering from renal disease. Please visit your doctor.


Antipreg Kit is probably safe for use in people with liver disease if used according to a doctor’s prescription. Due to the little amount of data that is currently available, it seems that these individuals do not need any adjustments to their Antipreg Kit dosage. Please visit your doctor.


Please talk to your healthcare provider if you forget to take your Antipreg Kit dosage.

Hints and hints

  • The Antipreg Kit helps end an unwanted pregnancy.
  • Because it might produce dizziness and tiredness, use care if you drive or do any activity that demands attention.
  • It has no impact on a woman’s ability to conceive. Use contraception to prevent pregnancy.
  • Take it no later than 63 days following the beginning of your most recent menstrual cycle to terminate a pregnancy successfully.
  • After taking Mifepristone, take Misoprostol between 36 and 48 hours afterward.
  • After taking the Misoprostol, you should stay in bed for at least three hours.
  • Take it precisely as the doctor has instructed you to. Incomplete miscarriages may lead to significant medical issues that need hospitalization, surgery, and even the possibility of permanent infertility in some instances.
  • After using this medication, you can have prolonged bleeding from the vagina that lasts for about a week. If you notice that you are bleeding excessively or experiencing significant stomach discomfort, you should contact your doctor as soon as possible.


How much time must pass before you feel the effects of this medication?

When used orally, this medication undergoes quick absorption into the circulation and reaches its maximum levels in the body in one to two hours.

How long does it take for this drug to start showing its effects?

This medicine’s action ranges anywhere from seven to ten days on average.

Is it okay to drink alcohol while taking this medication, or is that not recommended?

There is no known interaction with alcoholic beverages. Before taking, it is strongly recommended to check with your primary care physician.

Is this a drug that might lead to habit formation?

There were no reports of any propensity to acquire habits.

I am pregnant. Is it safe for me to take this medication?

It is permissible to use this medication to medically terminate an intrauterine pregnancy between 63 and 70 days old. However, it is not suggested that pregnant women take this drug to reduce increased blood sugar levels in conjunction with elevated cortisol levels. It is essential to remember that if you cannot successfully terminate your pregnancy, this might lead to severe difficulties.

Is it OK to take this medication if I’m breastfeeding my child?

Nursing women should not use this medication since it might potentially pass into their breast milk. However, if it is essential to utilize this drug, you should stop nursing before you do so. Before you start taking this medication, you should talk to your healthcare provider about the possible upsides and downsides.