About Us

My name is lisa, Here we will update information about Applications. sometimes we encounter with problems in our play store to download the applications. In that case Apk files are very useful which can be downloaded directly from the browser. so, I want to offer one platform for all the information about these.

Here you will get the information about the different types of Apk’s which are very useful which belong  to Movies, Games, Messaging and rooting applications. I will provide all the features of them and their downloading and installation process in both the Android devices and windows with images regarding the procedure so you can download the Apk’s without nay difficulty . I will provide the information about the best mod versions of Apk’s and frequently asked questions about them so you will get a clear idea about the Apk you want to use.

After reading the my content you get to known about the Apk you want and install them and enjoy in your devices. for any other information or query contact us.